Committed Leadership

Stunning Media Results and Social Solutions.

What We  Do

Our solutions are aimed at successfully managing and executing our client’s key business processes from an outcome-based perspective across the total program life cycle while mitigating risks and optimizing performance.


Unlike other companies that prefer to focus on isolated, short-term processes within a lifecycle (such as the pre-award or closeout phases of a program), PrimCorp, LLC takes an integrated approach that focuses on incorporating the critical elements of reliability, sustainability, and cost effectiveness across the entire lifecycle at the on-set that will achieve the best value for our clients.

What "PrimCorp" Means

The name PrimCorp defines the very core of our Company’s beliefs — who we are, and what we stand for.


By definition, “Prim” means proper. Our company is a firm believer in doing things the proper (and right) way. “Corp” not only goes back to our military roots, but also means that we always act “together” with a common purpose and direction. We maintain the importance of teamwork and incorporate it into everything we do.


When “Prim” and “Corp” are joined together, the result is a company comprised of a team of high-performing individuals who work together to achieve a common purpose and always strive to deliver comprehensive solutions the right and proper way.

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